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PT Packages:

Rehab&Mobility: These sessions are more successful over longer periods of time, weeks and even months. It is highly-recommended that clients participate in R&M sessions multiple days in a week.


2 Week R&M…$165 **This is a 3-day a week client commitment. Too few sessions will not be as effective.

4-6 Week R&M…$250

6-8 Week R&M…$325


Body Building/ Accessory Building: Our BossFit CrossFit sessions are programmed for not only gainz you’re able to see, but also for strengthening our smaller, equally important muscles, joints and tendons that often get overlooked.


2 Week BB…$165

4-6 Week BB…$250

6-8 Week BB…$325


Olympic Weightlifting: Sometimes we need that extra queue to nail a movement, a little extra time for it to really click. Maybe you’ve haven’t pr’d in a while? Maybe you want to. Coach Daniel has a keen eye for Olympic lifts and can assist athletes in exceeding their weightlifting goals.

…Haley doesn’t suck either.


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