CrossFit, to us at BangBANG, is EVERYTHING. We see CrossFit as a lifestyle, as a healthy standard of living, as a way of life. We choose to incorporate this amazing life-sport into all facets of our day to day living from healthy nutrition to positive vibes, to general intensity and overall preparedness. We love knowing we are able-bodied enough to take on almost anything. White-water rafting, extreme sport races, impromptu football games in the park; CrossFit has us at the ready.  And that is an awesome feeling.

We love the community CrossFit grows. Some of the most life-changing friendships are forged in the midst of training. There is something magical about working out to max intensity, something vulnerable and raw. The bonds built during these times can be unbreakable, cast through sweat, blood and tears.CrossFit is the great equalizer. It’s a sport where anyone can benefit because it is so varied and encompassing. CrossFit truly is for everyBODY.

 At CrossFit BangBANG, we strive to uphold the highest standards of movement in a safe and positive environment. We are a community of like-minded badasses. Come be badass with us!