Cameron McClure

"I have never been greeted with anything but a smile."

In March of this year to say I was out of shape is an understatement. I would literally be short of breath walking up my stairs and tying my shoes. As an former athlete this was foreign to me. CrossFit gave me my life back.

The workouts are hard, but scaled to something challenging but doable. The coaches are knowledgeable and caring. I have never been greeted with anything but a smile. It gave me the same feeling as been in college and going to workout with my teammates. This was a feeling that I gave up on a long time ago and to get it back is priceless.
The benefit of athletics in addition to the team support is the ability to leave everything at the door and focus on nothing else but the workout for an hour, allowing stress and frustrations to fade away and simply be in the moment. BangBANG has also given me that gift.
Finally, the desire to come back day in and day out. My current goal is to make it at least three times a week. With other places I have been I would miss a day that would turn to a week then a month then the training had stopped. With BangBANG when I miss a work out, I “miss it,” I am upset that I didn’t make it in and that feeling dose not go away. It helps me coming back for more. Even on burpee and hill run days!

Truly thank you to all the BangBANG staff, coaches, and members you guys help me more than you know!

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