Terry Hammond

"This gym and the members have taught me how to serve in all aspects of life."

My name is Terry Hammond. I started at BangBANG June 2019 as a drop-in looking for more training and adjustments in CrossFit. What I received was more adjustments in my life all the way around the board.
This gym and its members have taught me how to serve in all aspects of life. I was looking so hard to serve whether it was military or however. I found volunteer firefighting, but I needed support because I have a past. Haley and her team have always stuck up for me and believed in me through everything. They’ve written letters of character, worked on me for my aches and pains and talked me through bad times. Now I’m living my dream as a career firefighter for Gantt Fire Department, all from the help and support, mentally and physically from these wonderful people in our gym community.
I cannot express the amount of love I have for our wonderful owner, Haley Gann, she is the backbone and the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met in my entire life. CrossFit BangBANG will train you all around mind, body and soul! Thank you Fam! Love y’all.

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