!! WIN the PLATE CARRIER !! Get ZoMBiE Ruck Ready

PRIZE: Custom-fitted Plate Carrier special-ordered for the WINNER. Please see the Description for details about this quality piece of equipment valued at $300!

The GAME: Members can earn POINTS by making gym purchases. The member with the MOST POINTS in the end will WIN the prize!

Term: Contest will run July 11 until August 31.


SIGN-UP for the Ruck ———————— 100 pts
Get a non-member to sign-up————- 100pts
MobSesh ————————————— 40/ 70 pts
Protein ————————————————  60 pts
BCAAs/ Greens/ Reds/ Creatine ———-  60 pts
T-Shirt ————————————————- 25 pts
Recovery Beverage ——————————  3 pts

The Contest winner will receive a T.Rex Arms AC1 plate carrier. (made in the USA)

Size and color is the winner’s choice. Available colors are Black, Wolf Gray, Ranger Green, Multicam and Multicam Arid.

The elastic cummerbund pockets that will allow you to add various forms of weight

Weight can also be added to the front of the carrier in the form of a detachable placard. You might get one of those as well ;).

A set of Team Wendy training plates will also be included. These plates are meant to mimic the weight and shape of modern ballistic armor plates. They’re multi-curved for comfort and have a combined weight of 10 lbs.

While the weight of these plates are lighter than most prescribed workout weights, it willow scalability. Additional weight can be added to the overall system in a manner that is both stable and comfortable.  So when you decide to exceed the RX weight, you’re good to go!

Soft plate backers will also be included. These allow for additional comfort and will fill out the plate bags to prevent plate movement.

The winner will have time to custom order their fit in time for the ZoMBiE Ruck.

Please take a look at the plate carrier posted up at check-in for brand similarity.


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